Hubski is social aggregation done right.

On most aggregators, posts appear on a page viewed by many people. This creates unnecessary competition. To get attention, people tend to post bombastic content and give their posts silly titles.

Hubski solves this problem.

When you post something on Hubski, it is shared with everyone that follows you. If your followers like it, they share it with everyone that follows them. As a result, posts spread across the Hubski community by sharing and re-sharing.

We call Hubski a "decentralized social aggregator". You get what you want, and don't get what you don't want.

Are you tired of having your thoughtful contributions buried beneath fluff and spam? So are we. We're growing a passionate community at Hubski, and we would like you to become a part of it.

Ready to give it a try? Just sign in and follow a few people.

Join us,
Mark Katakowski and Steven Clausnitzer

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